CT Darnell Construction Celebrates 30 Years of Designing and Building Across North America

Clint and Travis Darnell, Owners of CT Darnell and Sunbelt Rack.

“The racking products my father introduced 30 years ago gave big-box retailers a better way to merchandise their stores. That vision has driven the direction we’ve taken ever since. Ultimately, I see us in the business of improving sales and operations for our customers – and our equipment, design, and construction services are the way we deliver that.”
Travis Darnell, CT Darnell President/Owner

ALPHARETTA, GA., May 15, 2017 - Anyone who has shopped at a big-box home center or worked in lumber and building materials has likely been to a location that CT Darnell Construction designed, built, or equipped.

The family-owned business started in Atlanta in 1987, supplying its Sunbelt Rack storage systems to burgeoning big-box retailers. Soon after, it expanded its offerings to the lumber and building materials market and other industries. Today, CT Darnell works as a general contractor and rack system provider throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. It has built and/or equipped facilities for Lowe’s, TravelCenters of America, PetSmart, HD Supply, and numerous other companies.

Early on, the big-box format presented a challenge: how to merge warehouse and retail space while protecting products from damage and making self-service easy. Sunbelt Rack storage systems and fixtures met this need, and the company recognized that they could also serve the lumber and building material (LBM) industry.

Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include site planning, design, and construction of both LBM facilities and retail buildings, as well as site renovations. CT Darnell introduced a full line of steel buildings and integrated rack-supported building systems that optimized inventory, protected product, and made picking product more efficient for both distribution centers and lumberyards.

Now, with its full-service capabilities firmly established in LBM, CT Darnell Construction seized the opportunity to enter additional markets, including chain restaurants, manufacturing plants, and facilities for the fuel and trucking industries, among others.

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