Millwork Stack Racks

Our millwork stack racks are movable, stackable storage systems for windows, doors and other products. Because they’re movable, you can load millwork onto them directly at the assembly area and then move them to a warehouse or staging area. Because you can stack them up to three racks high, you can arrange them densely and thereby eliminate aisles and save warehouse floor space. They can even be loaded directly onto a delivery truck used in conjunction with certain vans and piggyback lifts and thus eliminate manual loading and unloading.

See what true efficiency looks like.

Each rack supports 3,000 lbs on its own or stacked. Competitors’ racks only hold 1,500 lbs on the second and third levels when stacked.
Heavy-duty steel means our durable racks outweigh the competition by over 100 pounds each.
30,000 units have been sold to customers throughout North America.
Punched side rail holes create multiple tie-off points.
Our racks offer 4-way fork entry and are pallet jack movable from each end.
Carts available to move racks to facilitate building orders within your facility
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