3-Sided Sheds

Sunbelt Rack’s 3-sided sheds are an economical way to store lumber, sheetrock, sheet goods and other inventory. We can build them with a full slab foundation or a simple pier design with a gravel floor, each one custom designed to suit your unique site and specific needs. We provide sealed, engineered structural and foundation plans for all 50 states, with unlimited design possibilities and options.

full slab foundation three sided shed
custom designed 3 sided shed storing building materials
LBM materials being stored in custom designed shed
custom designed shed with built in mezzanine for lbm storage
Economical storage for lumber, sheetrock and sheet goods
Custom designed to suit your unique site and space requirements
Available as multi-functional buildings, incorporating cantilever, pallet, and A-frame racking and bulk storage areas
Unlimited design possibilities and options
Accessories available