The Story – Kuiken Brothers Company
The art of the build.

“We developed this site with a lot of forethought and a lot of knowledge of what worked and what didn’t work.”
Douglas Kuiken, President, Kuiken Brothers Company

Any business that could weather all of the economic and technological changes of the last 100 years and continue to succeed in the present day has earned admiration and respect. Kuiken Brothers Company is one of that small group. Since 1912, they’ve been learning, adapting, and expanding an initially humble lumberyard into a thriving commercial and residential building materials company.

Recently, Kuiken Brothers has partnered with another industry leader, CT Darnell/Sunbelt Rack, to continue its tradition of transformation. Together, they conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company’s original Bergen County location, where they quickly identified purchase patterns and opportunities to improve their existing footprint.

Even after doubling the size of their original location, Kuiken’s expansion strategy was not simply ‘bigger is better.’ Rather it was ‘bigger but smarter.’ Kuiken’s collaboration with CT Darnell on their rebuilding project focused on the most important part of any business - the customer.

“Working with CT Darnell was like working with a partner who was as invested in the outcome of the project as we were. They truly understand the importance of our customer’s experience, and they know how to work with new and existing conditions to maximize the efficiency of the space,” said Matthew D. Kuiken, Vice President of Operations.

“We looked at the new property and the existing site to determine the best layout to increase storage capacity, improve flatbed and customer traffic flow and maximize operations,” remarked Clint Darnell, Vice President, CT Darnell.

The reality of the business.

It’s about getting in and getting out. Kuiken and CT Darnell understand that LBM is no different from any other industry in one important respect: For their customers, time truly is money. That’s why they were determined to design a residential and commercial warehouse retail complex built for speed and access. With hundreds of SKUs accessible directly by car and truck, the Kuiken experience was uniquely crafted to keep their customers well stocked and help them get on their way.

“This new facility will increase our inventory and delivery capabilities to our core market, allowing for faster and more efficient product distribution for customer pick-up or jobsite delivery requests for all locations,” said Matthew D. Kuiken, Vice President of Operations.

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