International Wood Products
Easy does it.

“They made it so easy– handling the structural design, wind load, all the calculations and stamped drawings.”
Baba Searle, Vice President of Operations, IWP

Sometimes the best stories to tell are the simplest ones. And in the case of International Wood Products (IWP), simple IS the story. It goes a little something like this:

Baba Searle, Vice President of Operations, IWP had delayed adding covered storage to their yard, frankly because he dreaded dealing with it. When he had the first uncovered racks built - years ago - it took a lot of time and effort on his part to supervise that project through completion, and he simply didn’t have the bandwidth to do it all again.

“IWP’s situation is pretty common, said Rick Stout, Sr. Account Manager of CTD. Projects like erecting a storage shed or adding some straightforward racking seem simple, but when it comes to commercial operations like IWP, there’s always something that gets missed. What was supposed to be simple becomes time-consuming and expensive. Maybe it’s a drainage issue, or a space planning problem, or an issue with structural integrity - you name it, we’ve seen it all.” He continued, “There’s always a sigh of relief when our clients realize we can do it all for them, quickly and reasonably.”

“It was so simple," said Baba. “I sent them the specs and it was all done. The pricing was very competitive. It went up so fast.”

CTD took care of everything from the initial design of the building, to manufacturing the racks to spec, to sending a crew of specialists erectors to IWP’s locations to complete the build.

“It’s what we do,” said Rick. From planning and design, to supplying and installing, CT Darnell and Sunbelt Rack draw upon 30-years of experience to provide easy solutions for companies just like IWP.

In the midst of double-digit growth, IWP’s addition of covered cantilever drive-thru buildings at two locations just made sense. For their inventory and for their customers. But to Baba Searle it was the how that was so refreshing. Partnering with CT Darnell and Sunbelt Rack made the process so easy – so seamless – that he decided to take two more buildings just like them!

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