The Story – McCoy’s Building Supply
The 14-year partnership between McCoy’s and CT Darnell Construction/Sunbelt Rack

“We were searching for a partner that would do what they say, back up their work … provide a really good value and get the projects done on time.”
Brian McCoy, CEO, McCoy’s Building Supply
The Client

A family-owned business since 1927, McCoy’s Building Supply has grown to 88 locations across five states, with a strong tradition of providing quality products and services. CEO Brian McCoy believes that long-term relationships with key vendors like CT Darnell Construction/Sunbelt Rack are an important part of their success.

The History

The relationship started in 2001 when Art Johnson, vice-president of store development for McCoy’s, asked Rick Stout, senior account manager for Sunbelt Rack, to provide racking options to get his lumber off the ground and out of the hot Texas sun.

Over the next 14 years, what started as a simple racking solution in a single location has evolved into 45 individual projects – and a collaborative partnership based on trust and mutual respect.

”Sunbelt Rack stays engaged. They help us solve problems ... any way we need to,” said Johnson.

The Results

As the relationship has grown, McCoy’s has relied on CT Darnell Construction/Sunbelt Rack for a wide range of support. Projects include racking systems, rack supported drive-thru buildings, new store buildings, and repair and maintenance of older metal buildings.

McCoy’s also wanted to develop a basic lumberyard design it could efficiently reproduce from location to location, and which could easily be modified to suit specific site variables.

One key component was the Sunbelt Rack drive-thru building. Single- and double-aisle configurations have been created that get inventory off the ground and out of the weather, while providing customers easy loading and, with inside temperatures generally 15 degrees cooler than the Texas heat, increased comfort. A great example of these drive-thru buildings is the one shown in the accompanying video. It is located at one of McCoy’s newest lumberyards in Floresville, TX.

“Through the years, we’ve developed so many standards for their various systems,” said Rick Stout. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we start a new project.”

For a quarter century, CT Darnell/Sunbelt Rack has been offering the LBM industry a wide range of rack-based storage solutions, pre-engineered steel buildings and entire lumberyards designed and built from the ground up.

Whether McCoy’s is building a new location or updating an existing one, CT Darnell Construction/Sunbelt Rack is a part of their team.

“There’s not a week that we don’t call them,” said Johnson.

And both companies agree their long-term relationship has led to innovation and efficiencies that might not otherwise have been possible.

“We’re excited to be their customer,” said CEO McCoy.

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