Should this damaged rack be replaced?

Your racks will inevitably sustain some wear and tear from repeated loading and unloading. Forklift damage is also common. Can you recognize the signs that a rack is at risk of collapse?

Each rack is built to support a specific weight. Damage will decrease its load-bearing capacity. Once a rack is damaged, it is impossible to determine how much weight it will be able to support.

Here are the most common forms of damage that might mean a rack has become a potential safety hazard:

  • Misaligned beams that are damaged or not connected properly
  • Bent or dented upright posts
  • Tears or cuts in the steel
  • Extensive rust or corrosion

If you see any tears in the steel, you should immediately and carefully remove all loads, block the area, and replace the rack as soon as possible.

Examples of racks that are heavily damaged and need to be replaced immediately.
While this minor dent is not an immediate safety hazard, the component’s load capacity has been compromised to an unknown degree, and it should be evaluated and used with caution.


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