Specialty Fixtures and Components

Cantilever racks, stacks racks, carton flow shelving, and mezzanines are among the many specialty products we offer. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we can have these items built to your specs, or we can design and engineer them to meet your specific needs.


Our structural steel cantilever systems are designed with no front obstructions, and efficiently store long length products such as lumber and pipe. Medium-duty systems with integral shelving are ideal for furniture and appliance storage. Our cantilever is offered in single or doublesided configurations. It ships knocked down, and is easy to assemble and adjust.


Carton flow rack is a dynamic storage system ideal for order picking in your backroom or warehouse. Equipped with inclined shelves and roller tracks, your products automatically self feed to the front of the shelf. Significant labor and space savings can be achieved with these systems. They can be stocked from behind or from the pick side of the system. Most existing racks can be retrofitted to accommodate roller tracks, making conversion simple and cost effective.


Custom Mezzanines can transform unused overhead area into valuable floor space. They are designed to meet your load requirements, whether for light storage or even forklift truck access. We also supply lift systems, stairways, rails and gates, along with numerous floor decking materials. Our bolt-together designs can be broken down and re-assembled elsewhere, enabling you to take your investment with you. As a nationally licensed commercial GC, we can handle permitting, installation, and all mechanical system requirements.


Our stack racks are flexible, space efficient, and moveable. They reduce product damage, and can be designed to stack up to 5 high. They typically incorporate removable posts, but we can custom build to suit your application. When empty, they can be nested and stored in a very small footprint, recapturing valuable floor space.

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