Fixture and Equipment Consolidation

Sunbelt Rack's Fixture and Equipment Warehouse Consolidation Program is meeting the changing needs of the retail industry. We streamline scheduling, ordering, delivery, and installation, while reducing costs.

As your single point of contact, Sunbelt Rack simplifies communication and efficiency. Whether you're working on new stores, remodels, or replenishment of existing locations, we manage the delivery of your fixtures and equipment in a more cost effective manner.

Sunbelt Rack globally sources, inventories, and ships thousands of F&E items monthly, on demand, from our Atlanta, Georgia, warehouse. Short run or large roll-out, your program is efficiently managed with our manufacturing partners. Consolidated products ship together reducing freight costs and minimizing the time your set up teams spend at each location.

Sunbelt Rack partners with retailers to save time while reducing capital and operating expenses in four key areas:


SOURCING ITEMS – Leveraging two decades of experience and global contacts, we will partner with your current vendors, or take responsibility for sourcing new suppliers to secure the best value.

PURCHASING – Our dedicated team will manage the value vs. price proposition based on pre-agreed stocking levels, while maintaining quality and ensuring availability.

VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS – Over the years, Sunbelt Rack has developed strong vendor partners who understand the requirements of the retail industry. We manage these relationships for you, including oversight of all changes.


NO CARRYING COSTS – We purchase and hold your inventory until you need it, allowing you to better utilize your cash flow.

INVENTORY CONTROL – We efficiently manage and maintain your inventory levels, and reorder products when needed, based on your stated requirements. Customized reporting is available, tailored to your needs.

WAREHOUSING – One centrally located facility holding all your products, for low freight costs and just in time delivery.

QUICK SHIPMENTS – Whether it's a new store or replenishment for the ongoing needs of operating stores, orders can be picked and shipped the same day.


SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT – Sunbelt Rack simplifies communication. When a change is made, one phone call or email to Sunbelt Rack and it's handled.

PLANNED DELIVERY OF F&E – Shipments arrive on time, based on your store set up schedule. We will arrange the trucks, or coordinate the pick up and delivery with your Traffic Department.

FASTER STORE SETUP – Complete, on-time deliveries improve the set up flow by increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of time, labor and other expenses.


NO COST UNTIL PRODUCT SHIPS – Your critical products are ready to ship when needed, with no carrying costs to you until you receive them.

BETTER UTILIZATION OF YOUR PERSONNEL – Sunbelt Rack assists with many details, including basic floor plan take-offs, order revisions, inventory management, and vendor communication. Your personnel are freed up to perform more significant, value added work.

SHIPPED FROM OUR ATLANTA WAREHOUSE – Products from multiple vendors are shipped together from our centralized warehouse, reducing mistakes, damage, and freight costs.

REDUCED PAPERWORK – One consolidated invoice provides a detailed, line item summary of all the products shipped to a location, and includes freight and sales tax as well. That means less paperwork for your staff and accounting department to process.

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