Industrial Shelving

For small product storage, with moderate picking requirements, the most efficient option is typically Industrial Shelving. Built to order to meet your capacity and dimensional requirements, Sunbelt Rack's all steel shelving is fully adjustable and ruggedly built. Units can have open backs and sides, or be fully enclosed. The shelves themselves can be solid steel, or wire grid. Numerous accessories are available to make the system more functional, including plastic parts bins, parts dividers, drawers, and security lock-up doors for high value parts.

Where high density vertical storage is required, and the ceiling height allows for it, shelf units can be stacked 2 high with catwalks suspended between them, to create a Shelving Supported Mezzanine. These systems are fully engineered to meet local code and permit requirements, and include all handrails and staircases. Catwalk flooring is typically made of steel bar grate. These mezzanine units are commonly found in auto parts facilities and retail store back rooms, creating very efficient, high density storage.

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