Power Bin System

The Sunbelt Rack Power Bin Storage System is an innovative rack system that automatically handles and stores long length products. It incorporates "pigeonhol" bins that are equipped with heavy-duty rollers. The material is loaded into the bin automatically by means of battery operated loader deck. Loading takes approximately one minute. Bin configurations are tailored to each customer's unique needs, and all bins can be hand picked, with catwalk accessing the top two rows. A Power Bin System can easily incorporate Mezzanine storage.

A Power Bin System will provide numerous efficiencies for your operation. Most significantly it eliminates unnecessary labor. No longer do bins need to be hand loaded, saving man-hours, and significantly reducing the chance of employee injury. Increase warehouse storage space because you store materials "up" rather than spreading them out. Products, are well organized, and kept neat, clean and easily accessible. And because unnecessary handling is eliminated, there is less damage and waste to products.

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