Flow Products

Sunbelt Rack provides gravity fed Carton Flow and Pallet Flow Systems that will significantly improve any order pick operation. Both systems use rollers to automatically feed product to the front of the rack, for FIFO (first-in/first-out) picking. The roller track assemblies can easily be retrofitted into existing rack systems to provide for a more efficient operation requiring less aisle space. Track units simply drop into the racking and have integrated brackets for slope adjustment. They fit all manufacturers´┐Ż pallet rack, including structural racking. Once installed, the track rests below the top of the front beam for maximum storage, and to serve as an efficient carton stop.

Carton Flow applications allow for multiple SKU /pick locations that are situated close to warehouse workers, enabling them to rapidly and efficiently piece pick orders. Pallet Flow is implemented for full case picking applications, allowing for a more efficient way to pick fast moving case quantity items. Every system Sunbelt Rack sells is designed for the customer´┐Żs operational requirements, including order volume, seasonal demands, and stock rotation.

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